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HRB Luxury
Premium System

HRB Luxury System #1A0 (Silver nuggets)

The Luxury HRB 1A0 series system (First Metal Series automotive software, christened Silver nuggets) combines some of the features and functions of specialized models in the safety to a new set of extraordinary capabilities related to comfort and safety when driving. The model is particularly geared toward the control&report of young family members or community and service personnel The program also makes it possible to track and analyze historical data on driving behavior driving. Compliance with speed limits and traffic laws through continuous monitoring of the traffic signals identified through the cars’ integrated digital systems. The system also allows, through the tracking of driving movements to hypothesize percentageally the state of alertness and attention, consistency and regularity while driving and includes the stop over road that slows down to a remote stop where the operator previously authorized deems appropriate. Here is an excerpt of the main functions of the software: 1) Immediate monitoring and reporting to local authorities of cars that are ahead, pull over or follow the owner car, ensuring maximum attention and maximum control of potentially hostile actions against the cars of the household or the community to be protected with prompt deterrent presence that, within the operational limits indicated by the local legislation, intervenes operationally with private security forces. Identification – In full compliance with privacy laws – of any roadside stalking, disguised and repeated pursuit and suspicious passes in addition to all unusual peaks of presence around familiar cars where historical traffic data indicate values substantially different from those recorded. Control of matching cars to historical routes and automatic generation of alternative directions integrated into the mapping systems of cars in case of suspicious behavior. Immediate deterrent intervention in the presence and physical protection with safe transfer of persons to be protected. 2) Uncommon use of communications (Messaging, calls, ect) in the proximity of the car that is to be defended. Recognition includes both cellular telephony as well as Dual Band radio transmitter models with automatic search and reception capable of scan and identify 128 Dual band channels. In relation to the functionality of the Night models Plus and similarly to the Cyber Stainless Steel Bars system, the HRB Luxury System #1A0 Silver nuggets allows control in any area of the globe through automatic triangulation included in the communication systems of the subjects under protection. Any abnormal tailing, and any communication that insists on the area of stay of the subject to be defended, even between different but interconnected devices, can be analyzed and evaluated. 3) Recording unusual movements, such as cars speeding up, driving along unusual stretches, using or carrying electronic instrumentation (identifiable within the law) by recording elements compatible with privacy legislation but ensuring the physical recognition (E.g., with car type/color/model recognition to replace license plate recognition). Unlike Night systems, which guarantee static operation in the physical area of the dwelling or buildings to be protected, these functions are available on the move without area limitation. Control is then extended automatically on the move to every member of the household or community at any time of the day, whether at home or traveling around the world.

4) Integration of all new functions of the Simbir security Plus 9000 Model with all systems Home Automation of the “Metal” series. In particular, the system is already prepared for automatic plug-in with Cyber Control and Night Plus systems.
5) The system can manage car sensors and cameras, uses data from major road traffic mapping systems, integrates global coverage satellite images, and accesses public and private security and tourism chambers in more than 106 countries, processing the data and generating the analyses and alerts from an armored hard drive behind a fire wall on cloud unreachable from the outside and not connected to local power and IT networks. All data collected are automatically fed into a general statistical management system that generates an analytical output to the operators in attendance based on which interventions are decided.
The system represents the most advanced model of mobile security integrated with the operations room control room with in-person operators and can be operated from CPU, mobile or Pad and integrated with any remote control system and operations center. It includes automatic calls for emergency to attendants, property and/or local police forces reinforced by the initiatives direct and indirect personnel in the presence of operational teams on the territory ****.
For more information contact our authorized distributors and installers.
*Check compatibility with your car model. The system interfaces with all the most advanced latest generation systems (by way of example only, the system is compatible with Mercedes GLE, GLS, and all high end AMG models, BMW Q5/Q7 and sport series, AUDI 8 A and Q series and all high end versions. Aston Martin Active, on Ferrari models from 2019 onward, Lamborghini SUV, Jaguar advanced system and on selected Maserati models)
** some limitations may apply at sites of military interest or subject to special security and control measures by local authorities (e.g., Airports, Launch Bases for missiles and satellites, military installations, strategic communication centers, etc.).
*** Some countries do not allow data transmission and processing and are therefore excluded from service coverage (e.g., North Korea, Iran, Libya etc.). For the updated list of countries consult our authorized distributor or installer.
**** Some countries do not allow private special security and control teams to operate on the territory (E.g. China, North Korea, etc.). For the updated list of countries consult our authorized distributor or installer.

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